UnionPay International/China UnionPay (UPI/CUP) Payment Services

UPI/CUP, authorized by the People’s Bank of China, is a shareholding financial institution established by more than 80 domestic financial institutions. The Shanghai-based UPI/CUP was officially incorporated in March 2002;

By adopting advanced technological tools as well as modern enterprise management mechanism, UPI/CUP aims to establish and run a national bankcard information switch network, so as to realize the interoperability of bankcards nationwide and further the development of China's bankcard industry. UPI/CUP will strive to realize the vision of "touring China or even the world with a single card";

UPI/CUP is one of the largest card payment platforms worldwide based in China, with over 5 billion Cards issued at 40 countries internationally, and over 26 million merchants at 150 countries/territories accepting the Cards internationally;

Being one of the first international partners for UPI/CUP, OCG Thailand (OCGT) is established to launch UPI/CUP card acceptance service in Thailand in 2005. After Thailand, UPI/CUP cards are also accepted in other Asian, European and American countries;


With over 5 billion cards based in China and projected annual outbound Chinese tourists over 100 million by 2020, UnionPay International/China UnionPay (UPI/CUP) is well positioned to establish UPI/CUP card-acceptance merchant networks in most countries around the globe. Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for Chinese tourists. Because of its close proximity to China and its various attractions, the growth outlook of the Chinese outbound tourist business will continue to be very promising.

To align with UPI/CUP’s out-going strategy and to capture this business opportunity, OCG Thailand (OCGT) launched CUP card acceptance service in Thailand in January 2005;

Among the first international partners of UPI/CUP, OCGT works closely with UPI/CUP to serve Thai merchants and Chinese tourists. To ensure successful launch of the service, OCGT builds a local team with experienced professionals in the field. To complement OCGT local team, OCG headquarters in Hong Kong provides technical and management support through its regional management infrastructure;

Business Model - UPI/CUP Card Acceptance Services

• Installs Point-of-Sales (POS) Terminals at Merchants;
• Develops Transaction Management System to connect between merchants and UPI/CUP;
• Expands merchants network for UPI/CUP;
• Provides services and technical support to banks/merchants;

Corporate Milestones

December, 2009
OCG was awarded "Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprise 2009" by Economic Digest;

August, 2009
OCG Holdings Limited was listed at Hong Kong Stock Exchange;

March, 2008
OCGT was awarded "The Best Performance - Acquiring Business in Thailand 2007" by UnionPay International/China Unionpay (UPI/CUP);

January, 2005
OCGT was among the 1st financial institutions to provide UPI/CUP card acceptance services in Thailand;


Travel Promotion Tip Program (TPTP): Thailand

Promote Thai Merchants in mainland China’s travel-related establishments (Travel Agents/Airlines) to Chinese travellers through quality marketing with Coupons/Shopping Benefits;



OCG Offices

OCG Hong Kong

Address: 2606, West Tower, Shun Tak Centre, 200 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong SAR, China
Telephone: +852 3582-3088
Fax: +852 3582-4082
Email: enquiry@ocg.com.hk


OCG Thailand

Address: 24/F., TST Tower, 21 Viphavadi-Rangsit Road, Jomphol, Jatujak, Bangkok, 10900 Thailand
Telephone: +66 2-273-8320
Fax: +66 2-273-8321
Email: enquiry@ocgt.co.th